Oracle Cloud Lift offers free help with migration to OCI

Oracle Cloud Lift offers free help with migration to OCI

Oracle is keen to make its cloud position as solid as possible. Over the past few months, we’ve seen several examples of this. Whether that’s a partnership with Red Bull Racing, the simplification of the Autonomous Data Warehouse or the introduction of new edge devices for hybrid cloud environments with Roving Edge Infrastructure, the company continues to go full steam ahead. Today Oracle is once again announcing something new, Oracle Cloud Lift. This should make it even more attractive to start using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

As an organization looking to make the switch to the cloud, there’s quite a bit coming your way. One of the main headaches is usually the migration from the current environment to the cloud environment. Which workloads are running well there and which are not? Which ones should I refactor or perhaps retire altogether? And what will all that cost? Questions like that need to be answered.

To answer those kinds of questions (among others) and to make migrations as fast and smooth as possible, Oracle now introduces Oracle Cloud Lift Services. This new service offers free cloud engineering resources and tech support, we read in the press release Oracle sent out. In itself it is not so strange that Oracle offers these services. Many IT companies offer support for cloud migration. What is remarkable is that Oracle is offering these services free of charge to existing and new OCI customers. Surely that doesn’t quite conform to Oracle’s old image.

One point of contact

Oracle Cloud Lift obviously aims to make the transition to OCI as interesting as possible. The idea, then, is that the Oracle Cloud Lift program not only supports customers, but also takes the burden off them. Here, Oracle acts as a single point of contact for everything related to the migration of the customers’ environments to OCI. This includes performance analysis for workloads, architecture of applications, as well as the actual migration and support for going live with the new environment.

Oracle’s promise regarding Cloud Lift is that it will help customers until the workloads run in production. In addition, the company promises to train the people who have to manage and maintain the new environment. In this way, these people gain the knowledge and expertise to keep the environments running towards the future. Finally, customers also save on the cost of a migration if this kind of support is free.

Whether Oracle Cloud Lift will convince new and existing customers to make the switch remains to be seen. In any case, the new service underscores yet again how much Oracle cares about getting customers to switch to OCI.