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Synology introduces two new NAS models. The DS2422+ is designed for block storage, backup and basic vm storage in SMBs. The DS3622xs+ also targets the latter group but provides more RAM, a more powerful processor and 10GbE, offering a stronger foundation for containers and vm’s.

The models improve on the previous releases in their series. To start off, the new DS3622xs+ includes a more powerful processor than the previously introduced DS3617xs+. An Intel Xeon D-1527 with four CPU cores gives way to an Intel Xeon D-1531 with six CPU cores. The upgrade provides more power for hosting vm’s and containerized applications.


Suitability for vm’s and containers is further enhanced by a notable addition: 10GbE. The earlier DS3617xs+ limited data input and output speed to 2GbE; the new DS3622xs+ includes ports for speeds up to 10GbE. GbE expresses the rate of data exchange between network devices. In the years following 10 GbE’s introduction in the early ’00s, the standard was primarily applied in high-performance data centers and networks. Now the technology is affordable enough to be incorporated by NAS manufacturers like Synology and QNAP.

With 10GbE, NAS devices can transmit and accept data fast enough to serve as the basis for container orchestration, a concept where an application’s workloads can be flexibly distributed among multiple hardware devices. Do note that the rest of the network must also support 10GbE for the NAS’ capabilities to shine through. The upgrade can be seen as a widening of the channel in which data is transported. If the channel between a network switch and the internet allows a maximum of 1GbE, extending the channel to a NAS does practically nothing. However, if the network is 10GbE capable, a 10GbE NAS opens the doors for any application that depends on speed.


On its own, the DS3622xs+ has 12 slots for SSDs and HDDs. The same number as its predecessor. An expansion unit makes it possible to expand the number of slots to 24. Whereas the previous release supported HDDs and SSDs from Synology, Toshiba, Seagate and Western Digital, the new model accepts drives from only two manufacturers: Synology and Western Digital.

Furthermore, with an output of 25 decibels, the DS362xs+ is slightly noisier than the DS3617xs+. This may affect its suitability for office spaces.


Additionally, Synology introduces the DS2422+, a less powerful but cheaper model than the DS362xs+ mentioned above. This NAS also serves as an upgrade from the previous release in the series, the DS2419+. An Intel Atom C3538 processor makes way for the more powerful AMD Ryzen V1500B. RAM is largely the same. The model includes 4GB of DDR4 and two slots for a 32GB expansion.

Like the aforementioned DS362xs+, the DS2422+ contains twelve slots by itself; 24 with an expansion unit. Once again, HDD and SSD manufacturer support has been reduced. Unlike the DS362xs+, the LAN ports of the DS2422+ do not deviate from the previous release: the NAS supports four 1 GbE ports.

Both models are available immediately.