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Using its recently developed OptiNAND technology, Western Digital introduces two hard disk drives (HDDs) for data center environments. The Ultrastar and Gold HDDs should provide data centers with significant storage reliability and capacity.

Western Digital (WD) has been optimizing its HDDs for data center applications for some time. Proprietary OptiNAND technology was introduced earlier this year, is especially suited for the latter and brings new storage infrastructure to HDDs.

HDDs from WD now feature OptiNAND, which includes so-called iNAND embedded flash drives. The technology allows cloud providers, service providers, video surveillance specialists and NAS providers to generate measure capacity for storage. This results in better performance and reliability needed for future storage challenges.

WD Ultrastar DC H560

Now, WD introduces two solutions to the market. The 3.5-inch WD Ultrastar DC HC560 offers a nine-drive platform with a total capacity of 20 TB and 2.2 TB per platter. In addition to relatively significant storage capacity, the Ultrastar HDD features various security and encryption options to protect data from unauthorized access or use.

The Ultrastar DC HC560 is especially suited for cloud and hyperscale storage, distributed file systems, bulk storage solutions for object storage such as Ceph and OpenStack Swift, and primary and secondary storage for Apache Hadoop big data analytics.

WD Gold

Simultaneously, WD launches the Gold HDD. This SATA HDD is available in capacities between 1 and 20 TB and is particularly suited for the most demanding storage environments. For this, the HDD features up to 2.5 million hours of MTB and measures against vibrations. Furthermore, HelioSeal technology lowers the power consumption of Gold disks with 12 or more TB.

The pricing of both disks is unknown at this time.

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