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Lenovo launches the ThinkEdge SE450. An emphasis on CPU power, compact design and connectivity to the cloud make the server suitable for running AI workloads at the edge.

The ThinkEdge SE450 follows the Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350, an edge server introduced in May of this year. Both servers share a small size, relatively low power consumption and a basis for the hardware required to process data.

According to Lenovo, the SE450 is particularly suited for AI applications. The model includes a 3rd Gen Intel Xeon CPU, a generation with Intel Deep Learning Boost technology. While we know that the release was designed with Nvidia GPUs in mind, it is unclear if and which GPUs will be included. In terms of storage, the model offers space for six 2.5″ 7mm drives (SSD), six NVMe drives and two M.2 boot drives (RAID 1).

Suitability for the edge partly stems from the integration of Lenovo Open Cloud Automation. Each ThinkEdge SE450 runs on the technology. It entails an automation platform for deploying servers in existing infrastructures. Lenovo Open Cloud Automation integrates with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and VMware Cloud Foundation, ensuring a relatively fast deployment in infrastructures based on these technologies.

As a service

The ThinkEdge SE450 comes onto the market in two forms. Firstly, the model is available as a standalone option. Secondly, the server is included in Lenovo TruScale, a single service with all the necessities to extend workloads from the edge to the cloud, including edge servers and appropriate storage.