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DigiCert aims to improve its growth in the IoT market with the newest acquisition of Mocana

DigiCert is a digital security provider which recently acquired Mocana Corp. Mocana was founded in 2004 as an IoT security provider designed to protect devices from firewall failures. This is done by ensuring that both the data and device are trusted by securing the firmware and boot process and the transmission of data between devices.

Mocana also allows devices to encrypt critical data, request authentication before allowing access into the back-end infrastructure, and transfer data through a cryptographic network protocol. All-in-all, Mocana’s solution can help protect your devices from getting breached and unauthorized access to data.

DigiCert’s plans for the future

Although the price is still undisclosed, this new acquisition by DigiCert comes with several benefits for the organization. For starters, DigiCert aims to use the existing solution of Mocana and build on it to fast-track its growth in the rapid IoT market.

Bringing together the expertise of both organizations can see users manage their device identity, secure their private connections, prevent tampering and update their firmware settings remotely.

DigiCert believes that IoT security is not easy to achieve and has been a challenge for several years. However, they think that bringing these two companies together and the joined expertise within the solutions can help DigiCert work on digital trust.

Data security is an individual’s fundamental right and a growing need in the IoT market. Organizations worldwide are working towards securing their users and preventing sensitive data from being leaked or misused. Furthermore, as smart devices become familiar, from smartphones to smart washing machines, there must be a solution to manage the security aspect of all these devices. DigiCert aims to offer just that with their acquisition of Mocana.