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Check Point Software introduces Quantum Lightspeed, a series of new firewalls for data centers. The firewalls perform well above average: custom Nvidia chips provide a maximum throughput of 800Gbps per gateway.

The Quantum Lightspeed series consists of four firewalls: QLS250, QLS450, QLS650 and QLS800. The number of the models refers to the maximum data throughput. QLS250 stands for 250Gbps, QLS450 for 450Gbps, and so on.

Check Point Software designed the models for high-capacity data centers. Speed is key. The organization worked with Nvidia to equip the models with custom chips, resulting in a powerful series.

Quantum Lightspeed performance

Each model has a latency of three microseconds. The QLS650 and QLS800 apply minimal security (Check Point IPS, NGFW and VPN) at a speed of about 52Gbps. The most comprehensive security (Check Point Threat Prevention) is applied at a speed of 30Gbps.

The speed of the QLS450 is slightly lower, yet similar. The speed of the QLS250 is almost twice as low. We assume the prices differ based on performance. Pricing is exclusively available on-demand.

“We wanted to design a solution for the most demanding data centers”, says Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at Check Point Software. “The result, Quantum Lightspeed, delivers the same speeds as the network.”