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Amsterdam Internet Exchange services (AMS-IX) processed 26.85 exabytes of data in 2021; a yearly increase of 18 percent.

Although significant, 2021’s growth was far less than the 35 percent growth record set in 2020. Both rises were an inevitable result of the pandemic and lockdowns. In its 2021 overview, AMS-IX notes that 2021’s growth marks global Internet traffic slowly returning to ‘normal’ proportions.

More use of cloud, storage and streaming services

According to AMS-IX, the Internet traffic growth of 2021 was partly due to an increase in cloud and storage services. Online gaming and streaming services also contributed to the increase. The number of networks connected to the AMS-IX stayed at 880.

Mobile data roaming traffic returns

Mobile data traffic routed through the Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) increased as well. GRX is a platform used by Internet nodes to exchange mobile data traffic among roaming mobile networks. In 2020, GRX data traffic dropped because of worldwide travel restrictions. In the past year, levels returned to normal. GRX traffic increased by 80 percent in 2021, peaking at a total of 205.9 Gbps.

Growth in foreign Internet exchanges

Furthermore, AMS-IX indicates that Internet exchanges managed abroad experienced traffic growth. New peak records were set in various locations. Traffic was especially high in Manama (436 Gbps), Mumbai (92 Gbps) and Hong Kong (84 Gbps).