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Synology releases the beta version of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.1. The new version introduces improvements for storage management.

DSM 7.1 primarily focuses on storage management. To this end, ‘file aggegration’ portals were added. This allows administrators to connect various Synology storage systems. As a result, end users can access files in connected systems without remembering or inputting various system addresses.

Furthermore, DSM 7’s new user interface has been further optimized. The UI now adds background tasks to a clearer overview for administrators, giving more insight into what’s happening on systems and user accounts. For example, administrators gain insight into Synology High Availability clusters and can manage drives for both systems from a single Storage Manager instance.

In terms of performance improvements, DSM 7.1 increases the cost-effectiveness of SSD caching by accelerating multiple storage volumes simultaneously.

Better data protection functionality

DSM 7.1 offers various updates for data protection. Complete bare-metal backups for entire systems became possible. Furthermore, Synology Active Backup now allows the cloning and replicating of entire Synology systems. This speeds up recovery times in the event of system failure. In addition, full recovery functionality was added, which helps when deploying multiple identically configured systems.

Updates in Synology ecosystem

The arrival of DSM 7.1 affects various other components within the Synology ecosystem. Improvements include:

  • The arrival of multiple monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Support for DSM backups through Active Backup for Business
  • Better visibility into login activity and Hyper Backup jobs
  • Server-side snapshots for better file protection through Synology C2 Hybrid Share
  • Better user experience for mobile users
  • More monitoring and auditing capabilities in Synology Drive
  • Improvements for importing and migrating MailPlus
  • Storage I/O performance boosts