Microsoft offers startup founders large Azure Cloud credit

Microsoft offers startup founders large Azure Cloud credit

Microsoft supports startup founders with a mix of technological benefits and expert guidance

It was announced by Microsoft today that it will start supporting startup founders by providing mentorship and technical support.

In a blog post, the Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Cloud + AI, Charlotte Yarkoni said, that startups have a vital role in any flourishing ecosystem. However, even though they are crucial to innovation, the hard reality is that more than 90% of them fail within a year.

Microsoft aims to change that by providing open access to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. Those signing up just need to have an idea, and they can use various resources.

How is Microsoft benefiting startups?

Microsoft aims to change the status quo by providing three things.

First, it has designed the platform to remove all obstacles faced by founders when commencing, like needing third-party validation or venture capital before even getting access to any support. To address it, Yarkoni had the following comment: “To that end, unlike others in the industry, we don’t require startups to be ‘investor-backed’ to sign up and access benefits”.

Second is the technological benefit that increases with the growth of a startup. Microsoft is providing around 150,000 USD in credits for its Microsoft Azure platform, based on each startup’s progress. So, any founder in the ‘Ideate’ stage is eligible for Azure credits worth 1000 USD for a year.

Stating the benefits Microsoft Cloud + AI Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie further added that “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub meets founders where they are, offering best-in-class developer tools and a breadth of cloud offerings across every function, so startups can reduce costs and accelerate development with a partner they can trust”.

And the final benefit is access to mentorship and guidance. Through this, founders can connect with a plethora of industry veterans in its Microsoft Mentor Network and seek feedback and expert advice on their ideas.