Lenovo launches edge-to-cloud solutions for medium-sized businesses

Lenovo launches edge-to-cloud solutions for medium-sized businesses

Lenovo has revealed its latest edge-to-cloud IT solutions for midsize businesses. the new offerings comporise of a blend of on-premise and cloud server-based tech. It contains servers, service offerings, and storage that facilitate remote work and resource optimization.

“As the global digital transformation continues, the right IT infrastructure and services are at the heart of every business, unlocking intelligence that expands opportunities and fuels growth,” said Kamran Amini, VP, and GM of server and storage at Lenovo infrastructure solutions group.

“Working with our broad system of channel partners and solution providers, Lenovo’s new IT infrastructure solutions and TruScale services for midsize businesses are optimized to help organizations improve customer service, accelerate sales and roll out next-generation applications so they can grow their business now and well into the future.”

What the suite includes

The new suite that Lenovo launches today contains, among other things, the new Single-Socket ThinkSystem ST250 V2, SR250 V2, and ST50 V2 servers. These are designed specifically to be easy-to-configure for a wide variety of business-critical apps such as financial, manufacturing and retail services.

In addition to that, the modern ThinkSystem DM5100F storage complements the organizations’ servers with an all-flash and feature-rich storage solutions that fit in with new workloads in time.

Lenovo XClarity should help businesses simplify, automate, and standardize IT management chores. The result of this is that configuring systems is a matter of minutes. 

The last of the new additions to Lenovo’s line-up covered here is the Lenovo TruScale Hosted Desktops solution. This IT solution should help remote employees to be productive while guaranteeing better security, no matter the location.