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Intel acquires Granulate Cloud Solutions to increase its AI capabilities. Granulate’s technology allows companies to scale up application processing speed and reduce infrastructure costs.

Granulate Cloud Solutions’ software platform optimizes cloud hardware usage. Organizations use the platform to run workloads as cost-efficiently as possible.

AI Technology

Granulate Cloud Solutions’ AI-based technology helps reduce delays in allocation processes, thereby increasing speed. The startup claims that workloads run up to 40 percent faster.

To do this, machine learning algorithms evaluate how applications use hardware in data centers or cloud environments. Based on the information, the algorithms analyse and find ways to improve performance.

Integration into Intel portfolio

Intel and Granulate Cloud Solutions have been working together for some time. Last year, the companies collaborated to optimize servers running Intel Xeon processors. Intel plans to integrate Granulate’s technology into its data center portfolio.

According to TechCrunch sources, the acquisition price is roughly 650 million dollars (588 million euros).

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