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As the very first deal in the UK in 2022, the global consulting and technology powerhouse Accenture has acquired Avieco, a 13-year-old consulting firm, to strengthen the company’s green services offering.

At an undisclosed sum, Accenture has shared its plan to expand the company’s sustainability capabilities by gaining consultancy from a renowned firm, Avieco.

Avieco’s investment aims to improve and expand Accenture’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities. Moreover, the professional services firms also focus on propelling the organization’s Sustainability Value Promise.

While the regulatory reforms and converging standards increase the demand for accurate data for decision-making, this acquisition will also bolster Accenture’s analytical capability.

Accenture also said it commits to embedding sustainability into every part of its technology to create business value and environmental benefits.

For instance, Accenture’s sustainability services in the UK facilitate businesses’ net-zero emissions target through digitalization.

Services like this will now be improvised by Avieco’s extensive expertise in ESG measurement and reposting, backed with net-zero strategy and regulation with real-time data analytics.

What experts at both companies had to say

The services lead, global management committee member, and CRO of Accenture’s global sustainability, Peter Lacy, said

“The acquisition of Avieco will underscore our commitment to knowledge and experience.”

He further added,

“The extensive experience of Avieco’s team with tons of organizations across the UK and Ireland significantly contributes in strengthening our ability to help all clients improve ESG performance and embed sustainability into their core business as it becomes as important driver of competitiveness.”

However, the terms of financial transactions weren’t disclosed in this acquisition.

The Avieco CEO, Ben Murray, commented;

“Avieco plays a central role in helping businesses in the UK and Ireland create sustainable, low-carbon economy and society. The Accenture’s commitment to sustainability is strongly aligned to ours and its scale will help us expand our mission to turn sustainability promises into actions. Being a part of Accenture will create new opportunities for our people and our combined expertise will help businesses become truly sustainable.”