Belgian and Luxembourg Internet Exchanges announce partnership

Belgian and Luxembourg Internet Exchanges announce partnership

BNIX and LU-CIX, the Internet Exchanges of Belgium and Luxembourg, start a close collaboration. Both parties want to optimize mutual Internet traffic between Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Internet Exchanges (IX) want to speed up international data traffic. The collaboration aims to improve latency, internet rates and security. By further linking the two internet nodes, mutual internet traffic is no longer routed through foreign exchanges like AMS-IX. According to BNIX and LU-CIX, this ultimately leads to lower costs.

Value for customers

Customers of both Internet exchanges get more features. BNIX recently set up a number of services, such as a reseller program and private VLAN connections. Customers of LU-CIX will soon be able to benefit from both. Customers can request an extra VLAN on their port at their respective IX, which offers connectivity to the other IX node.

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