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Insider sources told Nikkei Asia that Intel may raise its processor prices later this year. The chip giant is reportedly forced to compensate for increasing energy and material costs.

According to the sources, the price increase will likely be implemented in October. All prices are expected to rise between 10 and 20 percent. Products include PC, server and router chips.

The move is reportedly prompted by increasing production costs. Energy prices, material costs and wages are on the rise.

Customers face more expensive PC and server processors. This could lead to higher prices for desktops, laptops and servers.


In a recent earnings call, CEO Pat Gelsinger hinted at raising Intel’s product prices. Earlier, CFO Dave Zimmer announced price hikes in “several segments”.

Some competitors are following suit. Samsung and TSMC recently indicated imminent price increases. AMD has yet to release a statement on the matter. The same goes for Nvidia and Marvell Technologies.