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To meet the increasing needs for enterprise cloud facilities, Oracle announced the inauguration of the first-ever Oracle Cloud region in Spain. The region is the 40th international Oracle Cloud region and the 7th in the European Union.

Oracle is expanding its enterprise cloud services in Spain by establishing an Oracle Cloud region in Madrid, adding to existing regions in Zurich, Milan, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Marseille. This infrastructure aims to modernise business applications and improve the accessibility of data analytics for enterprises.

In order to take the company further within public cloud computing, Oracle invested billions of dollars in spreading its cloud infrastructure presence. Undeniably, Oracle’s driving force is cloud computing, which helps it scale profit.

Oracle Cloud region in Madrid

Oracle Cloud regions offer infrastructure-as-a-service. Each region consists of three isolated hardware deployments (fault domains) with their own power supply. As a result, companies can easily spread workloads across various domains, guaranteeing availability and securing sensitive data.

According to Albert Triola, Oracle’s general manager of Spain, numerous public institutions and local companies leverage cloud computing capabilities, helping Oracle become an industry leader in technology. 

“With the opening of the Oracle Cloud Madrid Region, we’re reinforcing our commitment to helping our customers take advantage of the best cloud technologies while enabling the highest security standards, availability, and performance”, he said.

The Oracle Cloud region in Spain will offer over a hundred cloud-related services like MySQL HeatWave and database capabilities, helping Spanish companies improve their operational efficiencies, IT skills, cloud-native deployments and data insights.

Oracle wants to set an example in the field of cloud computing. The company set a goal to power all of its cloud regions with renewable energy by the end of 2025. Moreover, the Madrid region is already functioning on 100 percent renewable energy.

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