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The new Canonical Ubuntu Pro update pushes unsolicited ads to users, and people are unhappy about it.

Canonical recently released a new update for Ubuntu Pro, an update service that’s free for up to five machines. There is a catch. People are unhappy with the unsolicited ads presented when using the command line. Canonical Ubuntu Pro users took to Reddit and Mastodon to voice their concerns.

This is not the first time Canonical has stirred controversy over ads amongst its users. The company has tried pushing ads through Ubuntu login screens in the past. There was a time when you could see Amazon listings on the download screen.

Canonical Ubuntu Pro users are upset

The new update sends unsolicited ads to users that access the simplified apt front-end to the Debian Advanced Packaging Tool. “This is a new element that Canonical uses to share relevant information in users’ apt outputs”, the company said.

“We’re very happy to get feedback, though, and intend to work up a one-command way to disable news for those users who would prefer not to see this kind of text in their apt outputs in the future.”

Ubuntu is trying to appease its users. The company claims it’s considering options to switch off these ads. That being said, the act upset several users, prompting some to move to other platforms such as Nala and Wajig.

Whether or not the new ads will change in the future is still unclear, but Ubuntu has a lot of work to do to bring back the reputation it has lost because of current and previous issues. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that people will return to the platform, because no matter its problems, it is still the most reliable.