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Lenovo and VMware are expanding their collaboration. The partners plan to develop new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions for edge environments.

Lenovo and VMware launched several joint solutions in recent years. For instance, the ThinkAgile VX HCI vSAN Appliance series consists of ready-to-use servers for hyperconverged infrastructures, whereby VMware provides the software and Lenovo takes care of the hardware.

Lenovo and VMware recently announced an expansion of the partnership. The partners plan to develop joint hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions for edge environments. The solutions’ names and release dates were not disclosed, but the goal is set in stone.

“To successfully manage, analyze and store high volumes of valuable data, businesses must bring greater processing power to the edge and leverage a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy”, a spokesperson said. “Lenovo and VMware intend to address this need by enabling HCI solutions at the edge and supporting edge-native applications with fully integrated solutions.”

Data grows rapidly, edge bridges gap

During the announcement, the partners referenced a Statista study in which analysts predict that individuals and businesses will generate twice as much data by 2025 as they did in 2022. Only a margin of the data is stored. Two percent of all data from 2020 was retained in 2021. Typical networking and storage technologies are unable to keep up with the growth.

Lenovo, VMware and more and more other players believe that organizations need to process data in edge environments to leverage as much data as possible. Lenovo and VMware’s upcoming solutions are going to help organizations do jus that. Although further details are scarce, the partners revealed that the solutions will involve Lenovo ThinkEdge servers, Lenovo ThinkAgile VX HCI systems and Lenovo TruScale as-a-service models.

Tip: 50 percent of your data will soon come from the Edge