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Intel is stepping up the production of its Sapphire Rapids processors to meet the January 2023 launch deadline. Market researchers recently warned of delays due to production problems, but Intel informed Techzine that the series is on schedule.

Sapphire Rapids processors are the newest server processors in Intel’s lineup. The series suffered several delays in recent years. The processors were originally supposed to become available in 2021. It didn’t take long for the launch to be delayed to 2022. Meanwhile, the end of the year is in sight, and the processors are yet to be released.

On November 1, Intel announced that the series will be launched on January 10, 2023. Following the announcement, market researcher TrendForce published an analysis of the news. The organization described that Intel is facing production problems. TrendForce suggested that the launch was delayed as a result.

We covered TrendForce’s analysis in an article. Intel recently responded to the report. In a statement, the organization informed Techzine that production is being ramped up to meet the January 2023 deadline. Intel expects the server processors to become generally available from then on. Further delays are off the table.

Intel Sapphire Rapids and AMD Epyc 4

The Sapphire Rapids series is of strategic importance. As Intel works toward the deadline, AMD is set to launch its latest server processors before the end of the month. The AMD Epyc 4 series, also known as Genoa, is expected to be available shortly.

The delay of Sapphire Rapids is beneficial for AMD. Both Sapphire Rapids and Epyc 4 have an x86 architecture. The series are direct competitors.

TrendForce researchers expect that some manufacturers and cloud providers will opt for AMD due to Intel’s delay. The organization predicts that AMD’s share of the server processor market will grow to 22 percent by 2023.

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