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Intel claims that it’s regaining its leadership position in the production of computer chips.

The chipmaker said it plans to leverage expertise in advanced process technology to reclaim the top market spot. Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger said the company will expand production capacity and increase investment in its foundry business.

“We’re completely on track”, Intel Vice President Ann Kelleher, the head of technology development, announced in a press briefing in San Francisco.

Intel has a long history of industry leadership in the development of computer chips, but the organization fell off in recent years. It’s now looking to reclaim its place at the top. By increasing production capacity and investing in its foundry business, Intel expects to regain control of the market. 


“We are committed to working with our partners to deliver leading-edge products and solutions on an accelerated timeline”, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said. “We remain focused on accelerating our product delivery cycles and delivering increased customer value.”

He added that the organization is driving towards its goal by investing in people, process technologies and production capacity. By its own admission, the organization is already seeing significant progress in its efforts.


Intel was king in the chip production market for a long time, but recent competition from firms like AMD caused it to fall behind in terms of production capabilities.

Now, Intel is looking to make a comeback by reinvesting in its foundry business and increasing capacity. Intel says it’s confident that it can regain its leadership position in the chip production market. Time will tell if the claims hold up.

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