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Arista is extending the 7050X4 Series en 7060X5 Series of spine and leaf datacenter switches, including support for 800Gbps connections. The advanced automation capabilities enable organizations to manage IT environments with ease and efficiency.

These switches boast an impressive range of features, including low latency, high throughput and easy scalability. This makes them ideal for data-intensive applications such as streaming media and analytics.

They also feature improved security, greater availability and advanced fault tolerance. Arista’s 800G switches offer a number of benefits to telecoms and service providers who need to deploy new services in order to remain competitive rapidly.

PCIe Gen4/Gen5

According to Arista, the majority of servers currently in use are equipped with 10/25G network adapters (NICs) that operate over PCIe Gen3, as opposed to the most recent server NIC generation, which supports PCIe Gen4 or Gen5 and is capable of 50/100/200G connections.

This is motivating a network upgrade between the datacenter leaf and spine connections from 100G to the more recent 400G and 800G technology.

“Arista continues to accelerate customer adoption of the next generation of server NICs based on PCIe Gen4 with cost-effective and power-efficient products for the leaf and spine tiers”, COO Anshul Sadana said in a statement.

Arista’s 800G switches

By making massive bandwidth capabilities available on demand, Arista’s 800G switches enable customers to upgrade their networks quickly with minimal disruption. The models offer network traffic flow monitoring and troubleshooting in complex IT environments.

Low power consumption helps reduce energy costs for organizations that need to manage large amounts of data at scale. Advanced automation capabilities help simplify operations and reduce downtime due to maintenance or errors.

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