ChatGPT maker OpenAI wants to sell shares at $86B valuation

ChatGPT maker OpenAI wants to sell shares at $86B valuation

OpenAI is in talks with potential investors about selling some of its shares, with a valuation set at around 82 billion euros ($86 billion).

So say sources at Bloomberg. Recently, there have been rumours of such a sale of shares taking place. The sale would involve the current outstanding shares of OpenAI employees.

Talks with investors would be about preparing the tender. Details about what this tender will look like, how many shares are involved and what the terms of the sale will be are not known. Of course, the talks could also lead to nothing.

Among most valuable companies

If the enterprise value of OpenAI, in which Microsoft has a 49 percent stake, is indeed set at $86 billion, it exceeds the value of other tech companies owned by a small group. Examples include Stripe and Chinese online retailer Shein. This would also make OpenAI the third most valuable private company, behind SpaceX and TikTok.

The WSJ previously estimated the determinable enterprise value to be between $80 billion and $90 billion.