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Apple is working on a site that can handle the many data requests it receives from governments around the world. That would make it easier for both Apple and the applicant governments to process the requests.

That’s what the MacRumors site reports today. Currently, such data requests take place via a special e-mail account. But by launching a site, the work of both governments and Apple is streamlined and simplified. The site should go live by the end of this year. In addition, Apple is currently training a team to train governments around the world. The company is also working on a training module for agents.

Obtaining and processing evidence

Apple’s move is a response to a message from the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the cyber security challenges facing governments in the United States. Obtaining and processing digital evidence can sometimes be quite complicated and those processes can be improved.

In recent years, Apple has transferred various types of data about its users to governments. These include the content of consumers’ iCloud storage, but also their physical address, e-mail address, IP address, telephone number and information which, for example, can be used by the police to identify someone’s mobile phone.

What Apple does not do is give governments a back door to listen in on communication via iDevices. The incident in which Apple refused to cooperate with the FBI in attempts to unlock an iPhone belonging to the perpetrator of the San Bernardino attack in 2015 is famous.

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