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Fujitsu has developed a new payment method that works not only without a card, but also without touching it. The non-contact technology can identify a person by means of the palm of the hand and facial recognition. According to the Japanese company, this will accelerate the development of a moneyless society.

The Japanese technology giant states that the technology can be applied in different places. The technology can be applied very widely, because it is suitable for determining the identity of people. In this way, people could also be admitted to events and other locations where, for example, tickets linked to people are sold for.

New technology

To use the new technology, an individual has to hold his or her hand above a terminal and look at a camera. That way, someone’s identity is confirmed. To make the solution possible. The data processing speed had to be reduced by 90 percent. For this purpose, Fujitsu developed a special algorithm that enables direct facial recognition.

Face data recorded by a camera while individuals use a payment terminal are used to search similar groups in databases with up to 1 million registered users, according to the company in a statement.

According to Fujitsu, because two forms of biometric data are collected, the technology can also work well if not all information is properly recorded. The information required for authentication can be supplemented with facial information, which improves the stability of the authentication.

Faster identification

Fujitsu plans to reveal more information about the technology during the Conference on Image Processing 2018 in Athens, Greece. At the same time, the company does not believe that the technology can be put to practical use before 2020. The importance of authentication and authorisation has increased significantly in recent years and attention is increasingly being paid to authentication techniques that use biometric data, thus avoiding the complexity of managing more and more IDs and passwords.

So with the technology, Fujitsu thinks it can take big steps and identify people faster. Real-time authentication can be applied to a scale of 1 million people without the need for additional personal information, as is the case with maps and other types of information.

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