Cloudflare launches its own VPN service Warp

Cloudflare launches its own VPN service Warp

Cloudflare expands its lineup of consumer-focused services with the launch of Warp. Warp is a VPN service that aims to make mobile connections faster and more private. That’s what Silicon Angle reports.

Warp basically works in the same way as other VPN services. It encrypts Internet traffic from a user’s device and sends it through the VPN provider’s servers, creating a secure tunnel that is separate from the outside world. The packets that go through the tunnel cannot even be viewed by the provider that manages the infrastructure through which the data travels.

Improved performance

However, Cloudflare states that it distinguishes itself from other VPN services in various aspects. First of all, it’s about performance. The service sends the data through the company’s content delivery network, which serves more than ten percent of Internet traffic. Cloudflare comprest pages and captures them whenever possible, so they take less time to load.

In addition, Warp uses the high speed Domain Name System service launched by the provider last year. The VPN is built directly into the mobile app. Cloudflare claims that this app can match the URLs that users enter into their browsers with the IP addresses of websites faster than any other DNS provider.

The choice to bundle the services together should also speed up the adoption of Warp. Cloudflare claims that the app has a million users and grows by 700 percent per month. Cloudflare also promises that it will not sell browsing data to advertisers, will not permanently store data on its servers and will submit to audits of outsiders to prove that it keeps its promises.


The idea is that Warp will be available under a freemium model. There is now a free version available and later on there will also be a paid version. The paid variant uses the company’s Argo technology. Argo is a traffic optimization system within the Cloudflare network that can reduce delays by 35 percent. Timeouts of connections can be reduced with the technique by 27 percent.

Also, a business version of Warp for the enterprise market will eventually be needed.

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