Appian acquires Novayre Solutions SL

Appian acquires Novayre Solutions SL

Appian today announced the acquisition of Novayre Solutions SL. This company is the developer of the Jidoka Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. With the acquisition, Appian wants to become a one-stop-shop for automation, with solutions for workflow, AI and RPA.

According to Appian, many organisations are still in the early stages of their RPA development. Companies have experimented with RPA, and according to the company, bots are often used in silos without effective human supervision. The concerns of, for example, CIOs about the security and management of robots must be addressed with the takeover.


The company should become a one-stop-shop for automation. Appian wants to unite low code and RPA in one automation platform, enabling the orchestration of people, bots and artificial intelligence. Case management capabilities are included, so when robots make mistakes or exceptions, people are more quickly involved to make corrections.

There will also be a “managed robotic workforce”. Appian will provide RPA governance for enterprises. Organisations will be able to manage bots from large RPA suppliers, such as Blue Prism or UIPath. Enterprise interfaces for managing bots – including monitoring, scheduling and reporting – are available online as well as on mobile devices. The service delivers analyses and reports, such as impact analyses or compliance reports.

Appian’s RPA will be cloud RPA and Java-RPA. The new service will be available worldwide on the Appian cloud. Bone developers can use a Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE), with which they can build their bots. They will also be able to deploy powerful AI, powered by Google, which should extend the application of bots to facilitate the management of the bots. Enterprise-level security, with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, will also be built-in.