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Video conferencing app Zoom is going to work with Luta Security, the company that also worked with Microsoft and the Pentagon, to improve security. Through a bug bounty program, the number of vulnerabilities in the app should be reduced faster.

Luta Security has used a similar approach in the past with the Pentagon, Microsoft and Symantec, among others, where finding and passing on vulnerabilities was rewarded. Until now Zoom used the HackerOne platform for this, but with Luta Security it should become a stand-alone platform.

Not only will Zoom adopt Luta Security (with cybersecurity expert Katie Moussouris at the helm), in the coming weeks even more leading experts will join Zoom to improve the app’s recently often discussed security. Among them are Lea Kissner (the former head of Google’s Privacy Technology department) and three large companies that specialise in testing and improving systems.

Zoom has regularly come under fire over the past few weeks after vulnerabilities were found, or user privacy was questioned. Hiring specialists is one of the steps the company has taken, it also chose to postpone all planned feature updates and only prioritise security updates.

Since the corona virus outbreak, Zoom’s user base (due to massive homeworking) has increased from a sloppy ten million in December 2019 to over 200 million in April 2020.