Apple blocks Facebook update after revenue discussion

Apple blocks Facebook update after revenue discussion

Apple has blocked an update of the Facebook app in which the app shows a message about revenue collection. According to Facebook, Apple refuses the update because it shows ‘irrelevant information’ to users, referring to the message about the 30 percent Apple fee.

This month, Facebook wanted to launch a feature on the social network that companies could use to host paid events. In an effort to give the full revenue of these events to the companies, Facebook submitted a request to Apple to leave out the usual 30 percent fee (for in-app purchases). Apple refused, after which Facebook tried to update the app. A message stating that Apple would collect 30 percent of the revenue would be shown to users, but Apple finds this not acceptable.

In a statement, Facebook states that it only wants to inform users of where their money is going. Facebook is not about to leave it at that, and wants to make another attempt to present the information to users in the Facebook app.

Apple’s reason for blocking the planned update of Facebook would be that it is not allowed to show irrelevant information in their software. By displaying the text ‘Apple takes 30 percent of this purchase’ in the iOS version of Facebook, this would have been the case, according to Apple.

iOS 14

Facebook previously expressed concern about the approaching iOS update (iOS 14). The update requires express permission from users to collect a unique code from a device for advertising purposes. This IDFA is used (by, among others, Facebook) to display targeted ads in apps.

Facebook expects that the changes in privacy terms could result in a significant decrease of advertising revenue. Facebook could earn up to 50 percent less.