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LogRhythm announced on Wednesday that it had bought the threat detection startup MistNet.IO. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. LogRhythm is a security intelligence firm, and MistNet deals with threat detection and prevention to minimize cybersecurity risks, making this a valuable deal.

MistNet was founded in 2016 and now mainly offers a product named TensorMist-AI, which creates a geo-distributed, meshed data pipeline, combining both scale-out data management and distributed processing analytics.

The claim to fame for the platform is that it can eliminate the backhaul costs and scaling problems that come with moving a lot of data over a WAN (wide area network) or the cloud.

Machine-learning at the core

The platform is built for scale and offers processing power, according to how much security is needed, guaranteeing that data privacy and compliance are taken care of.

MistNet’s platform supports Docker, Cisco, Kubernetes, Splunk, Phantom, IBM, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Jira, Fortinet, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Elastic, Amazon Web Services, Service Now, Google Cloud and VMware.

The acquisition gives LogRhythm the ability to offer its users intelligent detection and response capabilities, driven by machine-learning, incorporating network detection, endpoint detection, user and entity behaviour, and MITRE ATT&CK detections to solve emerging security issues.

Tip: LogRhythm provides advanced monitoring of on-premise networks

TensorMist’s bag of goods

TensorMist-AI tech also comes with AI capabilities to improve network visibility and subsequently, threat detection and response time. It can also track persistent threats that have the capability to break through traditional defenses.

According to Mark Logan, the president and CEO at LogRhythm, the solution will help the company address current and emerging endpoint security needs for its customers.

MistNet had raised about $7 million in venture capital funding from funds like WestWave Capital and Foundation Capital, before the acquisition.