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An internal memo boasts of having “slowed down” the EU regulatory process.

A lawsuit brought by Texas with 11 other states alleges that Google abused its dominance of the sophisticated technology that delivers ads to consumers online. The legal papers the states filed last week provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tech giant’s machinations regarding regulatory efforts.

Google said in a note that it had “successfully slowed and delayed” the process of regulating the EU’s online insurance, and that it was “working behind the scenes alongside other companies”.

Google also said in an internal document that it has successfully “disabled” European privacy rules in cooperation with other technology companies.

The disruption dates back to 2019

According to this legal dossier, prior to a 2019 meeting with other major technology companies, Google said in a memo that it had “successfully disrupted and delayed” the EU’s electronic insurance regulation process. Moreover, it was “working behind the scenes alongside other companies”.

News organizations, including the New York Times, had asked the judge hearing the case to explain what was withheld in the complaint’s text.

The details provide a rare look at how big tech companies are lobbying against a growing array of proposed regulations.

In recent years, lawmakers around the world have proposed new laws to limit the market power of big tech companies. Lawmakers are seeking to restrict their use of consumer data, and set new rules for how to moderate user-generated content.

A Google spokesman said in a statement that the fact that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton “says something does not make it true.”

“We have been clear about our support for consistent privacy rules around the world,” the spokesperson said.

The lawsuit cited a document written from an August 2019 meeting between five tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, according to Tech Investor News.