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According to Apple, app developers have brought in a total of over 229 billion euros ($260 billion) in revenue through the Apple App Store since 2008.

In its data summary, Apple indicates that 2020 closed with a total amount of 176 billion euros earned since 2008. 2021 closed with 229 billion euros, meaning 53 billion euros (60 billion dollars) were earned in 2021 alone. A significant step-up from 2020.

Lower fees for app developers

In 2021, the Apple App Store underwent a significant change. Before, the tech giant charged a 30 percent fee for app sales. In 2021, the fee was reduced to 15 percent for most (smaller) developers. For this purpose, Apple established the App Store Small Business Program. The program allows developers with annual sales of less than $1 million to qualify for lower commissions.

Top three downloaded apps

In addition to Apple’s App Store revenue, the tech giant provides insight into which apps were downloaded the most in 2021. The top three free apps include TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Among the paid apps, the three best-sellers are Procreate Pocket, HotSchedules and The Wonder Weeks.

Tip: Apple lowers App Store commission for small developers