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Google announces the acquisition of Mandiant. Microsoft has shown interest in the security specialist since last month, but Google is closing the deal.

Google is acquiring Mandiant for 5 billion euros. The security specialist becomes a part of Google Cloud. From there, Mandiant will provide end-to-end security operations services to Google customers.

The upcoming position is a perfect fit. In recent years, Mandiant put itself on the map with Mandiant Advantage, a platform for integrating multiple XDR solutions and threat intelligence feeds.

Mandiant was the discoverer of the 2020 cyberattack on SolarWinds. Three years before that, Equifax lost the personal data of more than 150 million people, and enlisted Mandiant to ensure that that could never happen again. Mandiant also took charge of prevention after T-Mobile’s 2021 blunder.

Microsoft pulls out

FireEye owned Mandiant between 2013 and 2021. At the end of last year, the organization became independent. Microsoft has been showing interest in an acquisition since February 2022.

Earlier today, an anonymous source claimed that Mandiant and Google were having simultaneous talks. In the afternoon, the claim proved to be true: Google announced that the deal was officially done.

The acquisition is the second-largest in Google’s history. Motorola peaks at number one (11.5 billion euros).