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Google and Microsoft are said to have set their sights on Mandiant. The tech giants hope to realize the acquisition to boost their cybersecurity portfolio.

A source from The Information claims that both Google and Microsoft have shown interest in Mandiant due to a great demand for its security solutions. In addition, the security specialist came into the spotlight after recently selling its FireEye security portfolio to the Symphony Technology Group.

Update: Google has announced the acquisition of Mandiant. Read the latest news in this article.

Mandiant develops Mandiant Advantage, a security platform. The platform allows customers to better manage existing XDR solutions from multiple vendors and supply them with the latest threat intelligence, automated defence methods and constant validation of the effectiveness of security solutions and applications.

Additionally, experts reason that Google is interested in Mandiant is because the tech giant’s security portfolio is small compared to competitors. Microsoft, for example, offers security solutions in as many as 50 categories.

Interest from Microsoft

It’s not often you see Google and Microsoft directly competing for an acquisition. Last month, Microsoft already showed interest in Mandiant. Talks were in place. Like Google, Microsoft wants to strengthen its security portfolio. The proposed acquisition is part of a five-year investment in security worth approximately 17.5 billion euros (20 billion dollars).

Ultimately, Mandiant greatly benefits from all the attention. Yesterday, the stock price rose 16 percent, to a total of $22.49 per share. This increase, the highest since June 2021, leaves the total value of the security specialist at over $5.26 billion. The party that ends up acquiring Mandiant is expected to add a generous premium.