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Dating apps can now use alternative payment methods on the Dutch App Store. Thereby, Apple gives in to the demands of local market regulator ACM.

The ACM enforces European antitrust laws in the Netherlands. According to the supervisor, Apple imposed unreasonable conditions on Dutch dating app developers for years. Developers had no free choice in the payment system used for internal app purchases. Apple’s proprietary payment system was provided as the sole option. Because the latter violates antitrust laws, the ACM forced Apple to change its policy under the threat of a €50 million fine.

After months of conflict, Apple gave in to the demand. Dutch dating app developers can now process internal app purchases through a proprietary website or integrated third-party payment system.

Requirements ACM

The ACM first notified Apple of its ruling in 2021. Apple failed to comply in the following months. Resultingly, the ACM slapped the tech giant with a €50 million fine.

Despite its new policy changes, Apple still disagrees with the ACM’s ruling. The tech giant claims that third-party payment systems affect user privacy and security. Apple announced that it intends to appeal the regulator’s demands.

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