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Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin has publicly stated that Europe is overreliant on Chinese technology. Marin made the remarks while speaking at Slush, a yearly startup event in Helsinki.

Marin said that Europe had a lot to learn from its reliance on Russian energy, which played a role in Europe’s current energy concerns. The PM also pointed to the shortage of medical supplies observed during COVID-19, which came mainly from China.

She added that the EU must ensure it has the ability and expertise to produce technologies without relying on China or other countries with different world views. Marin advised Europe to spend more on its own technological developments, such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

“I really worry about this technology part because I fear we are making the same mistakes with technology, digital solutions and the raw materials we need to build these technologies”, Marin said.

Europe’s ambitions

According to a diplomat at a European Council meeting on China last month, leaders were told that any outbreak of hostilities with Taiwan — which Beijing regards as a rogue province — would undoubtedly cause significant disruption to technology supply chains.

The EU launched its own chip strategy earlier this year, intending to increase the EU’s market share in the global semiconductor production chain to 20 percent by 2030. Some MEPs are discontent, alleging that the EU’s chip aspirations are depleting funds for other projects.