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Darktrace recently introduced its PREVENT/OT solution. With this AI-supported solution, companies can map potential attack routes from cybercriminals to their critical IT and OT infrastructure.

Security for IT and OT environments is increasingly converging, for example, with the rise of edge and IoT environments. Darktrace has therefore introduced its Darktrace PREVENT/OT solution for this purpose. The tool uses AI to map out the ways in which cybercriminals could potentially disrupt critical IT and OT infrastructure. In doing so, the AI functionality thinks “like an attacker,” exploring possible attack routes to critical infrastructure assets.

It then visually maps these discovered vulnerabilities. This then gives security specialists the knowledge needed to act pre-emptively and get ahead of actual cybercriminals, according to the security specialist.

“In one of our early adopters Darktrace AI found a complete viable attack path from a public email account to a deeply protected and active production PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): a vital component of all Industrial Control Systems. The organization was not aware this long, but complete path spanning both IT and OT systems existed. Some steps were not simple to exploit, but fundamentally a committed attacker could have followed this path and could have manipulated the controller logic, sound alarms, or even worse start and stop processes impacting the operation of the entire facility,” said Jeffrey Macre, Industrial Security Solutions Architect at Darktrace.

Part of Darktrace/OT portfolio

The new AI-based solution is part of the already existing Darktrace/OT product family. These solutions protect complex industrial environments from known and unknown threats, according to Darktrace. Other solutions in this portfolio include the Darktrace/OT DETECT and RESPOND solutions.

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