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New research suggests that the adoption of a “virtuous cycle” model can close security gaps.

This week Darktrace, the cybersecurity AI provider, announced the release of a new IDC InfoBrief that it has sponsored. The report is entitled “Building the Case for a Virtuous Cycle in Cybersecurity” and is based on a survey that IDC conducted among 300 organizations across the U.S. and Europe.

The research was conducted to identify the key challenges facing cybersecurity professionals operating in increasingly noisy cybersecurity environments, and the report outlines recommended solutions to bolster cyber readiness.

The organisations that IDC queried span multiple verticals, including financial services, transportation, and healthcare. According to the results, “the key challenges facing most of these organizations concern the ability to effectively prioritize and contextualize the large amounts of data organizations get from several cybersecurity alert systems, as well as identifying the key actions necessary for effective mitigation of threats and vulnerabilities”.

The IDC InfoBrief calls for the adoption of a “virtuous cycle” model as a way of closing these critical security gaps, incorporating prevention, detection, response, and healing. It says that organisations need “a multipronged approach that includes establishing a security posture and proactively managing the access and assets, monitoring what is happening in the environment, and ensuring a fit-for-purpose remediation approach including backup and disaster recovery.”

AI is the key to improved detection and response

The study also highlights AI as the solution for improved detection and response capabilities and continuous monitoring. Artificial intelligence plays an integral part in the “virtuous cycle”, it says, citing AI’s ability to look for subtle changes in the behaviors of entities within a network.

Security teams don’t need more data, they need clear prioritization, and intelligent automation to lighten the load and this report sets that out in concrete terms,” agreed John Allen, VP of Cyber Risk and Compliance at Darktrace.