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Check Point Software Technologies has introduced Check Point Quantum SD-WAN, a new software capability in the Check Point Quantum Gateways.

Check Point Quantum SD-WAN brings together the best level of security with optimized network and internet connection to offer protection to branch offices facing so-called ‘5th-generation cyber-attacks’. Before this, traditional network architecture routed all traffic through the data center before it reached the cloud.

This approach would create a bottleneck that is known to slow down performance. To improve performance and cut costs, enterprises connect their branches to the cloud directly with SD-WAN.

SD-WAN options lack security

The problem with existing SD-WAN options in the market is that they are not designed with a security-first approach. Connecting branch offices to the internet by means of SD-WAN means that they are not getting the benefits of datacenter-based security, leaving them exposed to cyberattacks.

The latest Miercom report says that Check Point Quantum gateways stop about 99.7% of new malware and phishing attacks while preventing ransomware and zero-day attacks.

It is deployed at the branch level and offers an affordable solution that gives the highest level of security while optimizing connectivity for over 10,000 apps and their users.

What users can expect

The capabilities offered include:

Uncompromised branch security: Branches no longer have to choose between fast connections and security. Quantum SD-WAN prevents branch threats that include phishing,

A full SASE solution: Check Point ensures security and connectivity is consistent across users and branch offices, bringing together Quantum SD-WAN and Harmony Connect (SSE) to present a complete security and internet access solution (SASE) managed from the company’s cloud platform (Check Point Infinity).

An end to Zoom interruptions: Routing is optimized for more than 10,000 apps and their users, with connectivity monitoring for issues like packet loss, jitter, and latency.

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