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Windows 11 on Arm gets same data protection as x86 version

Windows 11 on Arm gets same data protection as x86 version

A preview version of Windows 11 on Arm now includes Endpoint Data Loss Protection (DLP) policy options. This feature allows users to protect sensitive data.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25375 builds on the existing assortment of configuration options on the operating system. Microsoft Purview DLP offers the ability to block emails containing credit card numbers, for example. In addition, confidentiality tags allow admins to prevent data from being sent without warning.

So the new update makes it possible to extend such policy options to Arm-based systems. If other sources are to be believed, Windows 11 on Arm still has some nice catching up to do on both Apple and x86-based Windows. The increased efficiency is a bonus. However, a lack of support in terms of device drivers is still a thorny issue for many.

Canary Channel

Currently, these options are still in the so-called “Canary Channel. This channel is intended for features that still need some extra time before appearing on Windows 11. However, the extension of Endpoint DLP is an important one, as endpoints are critical in a world of hybrid work and high connectivity between devices. Endpoints (think everything from laptops to printers to sensors) can often be a blind spot in an organization’s security policy.

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The new Endpoint DLP policy options in Build 25375 allow admins to determine how to handle so-called egress actions, such as copying to a USB drive, the clipboard or to Notepad.