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KnowBe4 introduces susceptibility test for QR code phishing

KnowBe4 introduces susceptibility test for QR code phishing

Security awareness company KnowBe4 has introduced a new testing tool against phishing: the QR Code Phishing Security Test (QR Code PST). It allows organisations to identify employees who are most vulnerable to phishing attacks via QR codes.

According to KnowBe4, phishing, spearphishing and impersonation attacks are on the rise. With these, hackers are more easily trying to manipulate employees so that they give up their (login) credentials to attack company systems.

An increasingly common method for this is the use of manipulated QR codes. Especially now that the use of these codes is increasing. Examples of this increase can be found in the hospitality industry, to name one example. Hackers are increasingly using these codes accordingly, in order to carry out their attacks and perform so-called “QR-jacking”.

QR Code PST Tool

KnowBe4’s new free QR Code PST tool should help significantly reduce downtime and security breach risks. The new tool is immediately available to up to 100 users within a company. These users can choose from one of 35 available languages.

In addition, the tool calculates the so-called “Phish-prone Percentage” (PPP) of the company in question. The PPP is the number of users susceptible to phishing.

Better awareness

Using the tool should make employees alert and make them think twice from now on before they scan just any QR code. This should help raise security awareness within companies, indicates the security awareness player.

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