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Crowdstrike protects your cloud environment with new features

Crowdstrike protects your cloud environment with new features

CrowdStrike adds security features for a secure cloud environment. One feature focuses on securing cloud instances, while another gives administrators insight into hackers’ attack techniques. The last of tree additions is available exclusively to AWS customers.

Crowdstrike’s cybersecurity platform gets three new features to protect cloud environments from attacks better. For this, customers get the tools to recognize cloud risks.

AWS first

First up will be the 1-Click XDR feature. Through the feature, companies will get an idea of which cloud instances are still insecure. This is done through software automatically installs on all cloud instances. At the same time, the feature helps outline an improved security plan. The feature will be supported by AWS from the beginning. Falcon Cloud Security is equally available on other cloud services, but these will add 1-Click XDR later on.

Then follows a tool to gain insight into hacking patterns. Based on the motto “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” this will provide useful information to secure the enterprise cloud better. Through the tool, it is possible to visualize attack techniques that hackers have used in the past to penetrate your company, or you can explore new techniques that may be employed in a future cyberattack.

One feature that will be available only to AWS customers is Agentless Snapshot. This feature scans other cloud components when it is impossible to install the Falcon agent. That may occur with unsupported operating systems or with PaaS services.