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Google adds a new detection tool to its Security Command Center. It should help companies by securing their cloud environments.

Cloud environments are hard to secure due to their dynamic and complex nature. Google thinks it has the solution and adds a simulation tool to detect attack paths to its Security Command Center.


The detection tool automatically scans your company’s Google Cloud environment, looking for vulnerabilities. A simulation tool then converts the data into possible attack paths hackers can follow. Users are then given an overview of the vulnerabilities, possible attack paths and possible solutions.

Joakim Nydrén, product manager at Google Cloud Security, emphasizes that the tool constantly gathers data, whereas tools from other players often only take snapshots. More importantly, the tools eliminate manual work.

Vulnerability score

The number of reports can rise quickly due to constant scanning. To avoid losing your head in all the reports, Security Command Center automatically adds a score to each finding. A high score indicates an attacker doesn’t have to do much to get to your valuable resources.

The tool will become available as a managed service by the end of the summer. As a user, you won’t need to install anything for it.