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Zscaler fuses generative AI with security solutions

Zscaler fuses generative AI with security solutions

Zscaler will start using generative AI to detect leaks and create recommendations for improved security.

Zscaler announced a suite of solutions that incorporate generative AI. Some solutions are there to support businesses and their AI transformation, while the rest exploit the potential that generative AI has to offer.

AI transformation

Just about every tech company is eager to integrate generative AI into their solutions. The mountain of announcements for yet another tool which now includes the technology is nearly impossible to keep up with, and so generative AI will soon be found in just about every organization.

Zscaler aims to put companies on the road in their AI transformation with three tools. For example, Zscaler is introducing Data Loss Prevention to combat data breaches and retrieve information should a data breach occur. The bridge to AI here seems more likely to ride on the hype around generative AI, as the company cites, among other things, that the data which will be protected includes prompts that serve to drive an AI model.

The second new tool is AITotal, which evaluates AI applications for security. Finally, AI Visibility and Access Control should monitor the growing number of AI applications within an organization. Security teams can also use it to impose access restrictions to AI applications for certain employees.

Proprietary tools with AI

In addition to tools for AI applications, there are tools with built-in AI. These will be available in preview for now. First up is Security Autopilot, a tool in which AI can constantly learn from changing cloud rules and logs to better secure your environment over time.

The company is also introducing Zscaler Navigator, an easy-to-use portal to Zcaler products and relevant documentation. Finally, there is the Multi-Modal DLP tool. Here, the addition of generative AI allows DLP solutions to protect video and audio files from data breaches as well. The capabilities were previously limited to text and images.