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Hornetsecurity has announced its new 365 Total Protection Compliance & Awareness (Plan 4). With this solution, the German company adds options for “compliance, permission management and security awareness” to its portfolio. Among other things, customers can take advantage of an AI tool that protects against data breaches.

Hornetsecurity already provided Plans 1 through 3 within the 365 Total Protection Suite, which provide advanced protection for email services and backups. Now, it is adding Plan 4, with automated help for employees to improve security levels within client companies.

A helping hand and automation

Security remains a tough nut to crack for companies, particularly because expertise in that area varies widely among employees. Research by Fortinet earlier this year showed worrying results: more than half of company managers had to conclude that the level of security knowledge of employees is below par. Extra concerning is the fact that it’s precisely this group that’s often the target of cyber attacks, especially via phishing messages.

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Hornetsecurity hopes to make a positive contribution in this regard. The Security Awareness Service measures how proficient employees are with their digital security, making it possible to set up personalized training for anyone still struggling to deal with a particular measure.

Also included in the new security offering is Hornetsecurity’s 365 Permission Manager. This DLP service is said to be very user-friendly and can provide admins and CISOs with “auditing, management, compliance policy enforcement and violation monitoring.”

AI support

In addition, Hornetsecurity is coming out with a new AI tool: AI Recipient Validation. This solution lets security specialists see the extent to which employees are dealing with misdirected e-mail messages. It can also alert end users when they’re potentially sending sensitive information to a remote address. Over time, the tool should learn from user behaviour and thus be able to provide more informed advice without too many false alarms.

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