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Hack targets Air Europa: customers must block credit cards

Hack targets Air Europa: customers must block credit cards

Air Europa has been hit by a hacking attack in which customer credit card data has been stolen. The Spanish airline is urging customers to block their credit cards.

Air Europa has been hit by a hack in which cyber criminals stole sensitive information from customers, BleepingComputer reports. The Spanish airline has therefore advised its customers to block their credit cards, especially if they had used them to book tickets through the company’s website.

Air Europa states in an email to customers that with the data now stolen, it’s trivial for hackers to spoof credit cards and use them to commit fraud. Stolen data include card numbers, expiration dates and the three-part CVV codes.

It is still unknown how many customers of the Spanish airline were affected by the data breach.

Air Europe - miniatuur van screenshot.

Previous large-scale data breach in 2021

This is not the first time the airline has faced a data breach. Back in 2021, the Spanish privacy regulator fined Air Europa 600,000 euros for violating GDPR rules.

This was because the airline had only reported the data breach to the proper authorities later than the 40-day date deadline.

This data breach involved as many as 1.5 million data records containing (credit card) information of about 489,000 customers. Ultimately, about 4,000 credit cards were misused by criminals through this data breach.

Air Europa saw the data breach as a medium-severity incident and decided not to inform affected customers about it at the time.

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