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Palo Alto Networks unveils first 5G next generation firewall

Palo Alto Networks unveils first 5G next generation firewall

Palo Alto Networks has announced the first 5G next generation firewall for service providers. These are the K2-Series, where 5G and IoT supplies were kept in mind. Also, the latest version of PAN-OS has been announced for the next generation firewall: PAN-OS 9.0.

The K2 series allows service providers to prevent cyber-attacks targeting 4G and 5G networks, IoT devices and mobile users. In addition, it provides very good insight into network traffic.

PAN-OS 9.0

In turn, PAN-OS 9.0 must provide access to new security features, with over sixty new features and tools. This is to predict malicious attacks and automatically stop them when they occur. The next generation firewall platform has also been given new software and hardware enhancements to help organizations improve security and simplify protection within the hybrid cloud environment.

Part of this is the new DNS security service, which uses machine learning to proactively block malicious domains and stop attacks as they occur. The PA-700 Series will also receive new network processing cards, which offer threat prevention at a speed twice that of its nearest competitor, according to the company. The PA-700 Series also decrypts three times faster than before.

The new Policy Optimizer should help security teams replace outdated firewall rules with an intuitive policy that provides better security and is easier to manage. This eliminates the need to manage the rules and reduces human error.

In addition, the company believes VM-Series now offers the broadest range of public clouds and virtual data center environments with support for Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Cisco Enterprise Network Compute System and Nutanix. The firewall implements performance improvements for AWS and Azure, combined with autoscaling. This automates security for dynamic and large-scale cloud deployments.


PAN-OS 9.0 is now available to all current Palo Alto Networks customers with a valid support contract. The new network processing cards for the PA-7000 Series can be ordered from $180,000. The DNS security service has been made immediately available. The price depends on the type of next generation firewall hardware or virtual device.

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