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Hackers steal data from 113,000 other hackers

Hackers steal data from 113,000 other hackers

A group of hackers has attacked a popular forum among a community of its rivals. Nearly 113,000 forum users – including email addresses, hacked passwords, IP addresses and private messages – were stolen.

This is the OGUser.com forum, knows IT Pro. That forum is popular among a community of cybercriminals who take over accounts, fraud and perform SIM card swaps to gain control over victims’ phone numbers.

On May 12th, the administrator of the forum posted that there were malfunctions due to an error with a hard disk. As a result of these disruptions, several months of private messages, forum messages and prestige points disappeared. However, the administrator told his users that he had restored a backup from January this year.

However, the administrator did not know that at the same time hackers managed to break in, steal the user database and empty the hard drives. This was revealed four days later, when the administrator of a competing hacker community – RaidForums – announced that they had uploaded the OGUsers database. Anyone could download the database for free.


KrebsOnSecurity managed to get a copy of the database and could investigate it. The database appears to contain the usernames, email addresses, hacked passwords, private messages, and IP address of the 113,000 users at the time the account was created. Some of these users can also be one person with multiple pseudonyms.

Logically, the publication of the database causes concerns among the OGUser community. The forum is known for attracting people involved in taking over phone numbers, in order to take over a victim’s social media, email and financial accounts.

Several users are afraid that they will be made known through the hack. After all, it may happen that the authorities get their hands on the database. Should this be the case, users involved in cybercrime will be traced quickly.

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