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Barracuda Networks identifies and blocks bots with new solution

Barracuda Networks identifies and blocks bots with new solution

Barracuda Networks wants to actively protect companies against bots with its new solution Advanced Bot Protection for the Web Application Firewall (WAF) and WAF-as-a-Service. The security function uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, web applications are the main means of attacking hacks that ultimately result in data breaches. The security of these applications is seriously threatened by malicious bots.

Bots were once simple scripts, but have developed into advanced tactics. These include automated browser commands (headless browsers) and machine learning techniques to bypass traditional application security mechanisms. DDoS attacks and fraudulent purchases are also common bone attacks.

Alain Luxembourg, regional director Benelux for Barracuda, states that not all traditional web application firewalls offer advanced protection against bots. In addition, separate solutions are not always integrated in web-application firewalls.

Advanced Bot Detection

It is possible to recognize bots. Machine learning can be used to learn the characteristics of typical human web traffic, making it possible to detect abnormal traffic originating from bots. That’s what Advanced Bot Detection of Barracuda does.

The solution includes multiple functions, including bot spam detection, which reduces referrer spam and blocks spam from comments on websites. Automated login attempts, which attempt to take over accounts by automatically entering a whole list of captured login data, are also detected. With Request Risk Scoring, incoming data requests are tracked and advanced behavioral analysis is used to detect attackers.

It also includes Advanced Bot Detection Client Finger Printing, which is a method of analyzing clients. This method is more accurate than IP addresses, according to Barracuda. There is also a separate user interface to combat bots. This interface should make it easier to configure the various protection functions.

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