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BlackBerry has launched a new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution called CylanceGUARD. The solution uses the expertise of Cylance and an integration of the company’s AI platform, allowing it to constantly detect and monitor possible cyber threats.

According to BlackBerry, preventive cyber security is important because it is a proactive form of security. However, according to the company, few organisations in sectors such as financial services and the high-tech manufacturing industry manage to identify potential threats.


MDR services such as CylanceGUARD provide complete endpoint protection, reducing the time customers need to detect and resolve threats, said Frank Dickson, program vice president of cybersecurity product at IDC.

CyberGUARD uses alert automation, artificial intelligence and an advanced orchestration system. This can simplify complex technologies and processes and reduce the time it takes to identify and respond to burglaries.

Jason Bevis, Vice President of Threat Hunting at BlackBerry Cylance, states that this allows internal security teams to spend more time on other organizational activities. They don’t have to focus more on recovering from cyber-attacks.

Preventive experts

According to BlackBerry, the MDR solution is managed by a team of prevention experts and incident staff. The team is deploying the Cylance AI platform to deal with incidents.

It is also used to apply alert automation and AI technology to the customer’s endpoints. This gives customers a solution that detects and monitors potential threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cylance’s customers will also have access to a web portal, which allows them to see the security environment. The alert notifications are also available on iOS and Android devices. It also shows the context required to streamline research into the cyber threat.

CyberGUARD has been made available on a subscription basis.

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