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Bitdefender has extended GravityZone, an endpoint security solution, with security risk analysis options. With Advanced Endpoint Risk Analytics, companies can limit the areas from which endpoint attacks can be made.

Endpoint attacks generally exploit known vulnerabilities in applications and configurations. In addition, according to Bitdefender, SecOps teams are overwhelmed daily by monotonous and reactive tasks such as managing vulnerabilities, investigating the severity of incidents and patching.

The complexity and diversity of modern heterogeneous endpoint environments all too often results in errors in configurations. These errors can disrupt service delivery and expose vulnerabilities that ultimately lead to security incidents, said Dave Gruber, senior analyst for Endpoint Security at the Enterprise Strategy Group.

Endpoint Risk Analytics is designed to help SecOps teams eliminate the root causes of malware infections and data breaches. This gives the teams more time for tasks with a more strategic character, such as identifying risks and proactively counteracting them.

30 layers

GravityZone offers 30-layer endpoint security technology. The solution uses a large collection of threat intelligence within the industry, powered by data from over 500 million sensors worldwide.

The solution also offers an EDR layer which, according to the user, works with minimal system load. This makes it possible for organisations with limited resources for security analyses to examine reports for seriousness with a single click of the mouse. This means that calls can be dealt with more quickly.

According to Harish Agastya, senior vice president of Enterprise Solutions at Bitdefender, the most secure organizations combine powerful prevention capabilities with rapid detection and incident response and integrated security risk analysis functionality. This enables them to proactively strengthen the security of endpoints, reduce the surface area of the attack and prevent future attacks.


Bitdefender has made the new analytics capabilities immediately available to existing users of GravityZone. They can also be purchased with any GravityZone product.

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