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Trend Micro introduces smart factory security

Trend Micro introduces smart factory security

Trend Micro has announced a new portfolio of smart factory security solutions. These are solutions for the security of industry control system (ICS) environments. The solutions protect ICS environments from cyber threats, so that business operations are not threatened.

Gartner predicts that some 49 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2021. Trend Micro states that this will include a significant number of ICS devices, which will dramatically increase the number of security risks in industrial environments.

The number of reported vulnerabilities in ICS from 2017 to 2018 increased by approximately 224 percent, more than doubling the amount. According to Trend Micro, traditional security systems are not built to secure these types of environments, which is why Trend Micro has introduced Smart Factory Security.

Reducing cyber threats

TXOne, a Trend Micro majority-owned company, has designed two new solutions to counter cyber threats in IoT-connected industrial environments. The solutions consist of a specialised firewall and an intrusion prevention system (IPS), respectively called EdgeFire and EdgeIPS. These technologies are designed to minimize the surface area that can be attacked. There is also a central console that provides an overview of all installed components. This Defense Console works in conjunction with the firewall and the IPS to help users find the source of cyber attacks.

In addition, Trend Micro Safe Lock TXOne and Trend Micro Portable Security 3 have been updated. These two innovations are intended to protect common operating systems such as Windows or Linux, and to remove malware from ICS environments. For example, Safe Lock TXOne prevents malware from running at all, no matter what the source of the malicious software is.